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Should I be Taking a Vitamin Supplement?

Because you’re getting so many vitamins and minerals from the foods in this plan, you’ll be meeting most of your nutrient needs.

However, when you follow the 0,1,2,3+ Plan your diet may need to be supplemented to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, and iodine. I also recommend taking supplemental Omega-3 fatty acids (or DHA).

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The Skinny On Olive Oil: Is It Good Or Bad?

Some fat is needed in your diet to help you lose weight and keep you healthy. The problem is that most people eat too much of the wrong fats, and not enough of the beneficial fats.

Saturated fat and trans fat are found in animal products and processed foods. These fats will prevent you from losing weight.

A great thing about the 0,1,2,3+ Weight Loss Plan is that it’s naturally low in these destructive fats and relatively high in beneficial fats called essential fatty acids.

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Adding Dried Fruit & Avocados

Dried fruits are a sweet treat and can jazz up a salad, but they should be used sparingly. You can have up to 2 Tablespoons of dried fruit each day.

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What To Know About Raw Nuts & Seeds

Raw nuts and seeds are powerful super foods because they are packed with nutrients and healthy fats. The only downside is that they are also packed with calories. One handful (about an ounce) contains 150 to 200 calories.

Because they are so high in calories, you will limit your intake of raw nuts and seeds to 2 Tablespoons per day (combined total).

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Beans: Why Must I Eat Them & What To Do If I Can’t Tolerate Them?

Beans and other legumes are fantastic for knocking down cravings, doing away with hunger, and silencing your sweet tooth.

They are not only helpful weight loss foods, they also play a role in preventing constipation, stabilizing your blood sugar levels, and reducing your risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and colon cancer.

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Why Is Fruit Allowed? Are Natural Sugars OK?

During the 0,1,2,3+ Weight Loss Coaching Program you will be eating whole fruits and taking advantage of their volume and fiber.

Your goal is to eat one cup of berries and one additional piece of fruit each day.

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Starchy Veggies & Grains: Aren’t They Good For Me?

Starchy Vegetables and Whole Grains are healthy foods and contain some valuable vitamins and minerals. However, these two food groups are higher in calories than non-starchy vegetables and this can be a problem during weight loss.

For the 0,1,2,3+ Diet Plan, starchy vegetables and whole grains will be lumped together and you will be limited to one serving (approximately 1 cup combined) per day.

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Why Do I Have To Limit Meats?

Research shows a diet high in animal proteins increases the risk of heart attacks and cancer. However, most people are still confused about whether these are healthy foods or unhealthy foods.

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