Why Is Fruit Allowed? Are Natural Sugars OK?

Why Is Fruit Allowed? Are Natural Sugars OK?

During the 0,1,2,3+ Weight Loss Coaching Program you will be eating whole fruits and taking advantage of their volume and fiber.

Your goal is to eat one cup of berries and one additional piece of fruit each day.

What about natural sugars?

Some of you may have heard that you should limit fruit while on a diet due to the natural sugars contained in fruit.

Fruit can be a problem on traditional diets, but not on the SPIRAL Plan.

Consuming a cup of berries and a piece of fruit will add only about 120 calories to your day, yet provide you with some satisfying sweetness. Fruit will become the treat you look forward to each day.

How to work fruit into your diet:

Be creative, you don’t have to settle for a piece of fruit; there are many ways to add fruit to salads and recipes.

Salads are enhanced by mandarin oranges, apple wedges, and grapes.

Pineapple can be added to baked vegetables for a Hawaiian twist, and baked apples and peaches make a wonderful warm breakfast when the weather turns cold.

You can use frozen fruit as an easy substitution for fresh fruits. However, avoid canned fruit because it has lost much of its nutrient value during processing and transport. If you must use canned fruit make sure it is packed in its own juice and unsweetened.

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