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Interested in joining Dr. Becky’s Weight Loss Coaching Program? Watch the video below…

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to say, “I did it!”

Is weight loss a problem you can’t seem to solve?

My weight loss coaching program will help you, let me explain how…

To lose weight, you must create a plan that’s Easy-to-Follow, Effective, and Enjoyable. If the program does not accomplish these 3Es, you won’t be able to stick with it long enough to reach your goal.

The problem is that you’re busy.

Taking the time to research the right foods and organize them into enjoyable, fat-burning meals can take hours each week. And, that doesn’t even take into consideration what to do if you have a question? Where do you find a trusted answer in the craziness of the Internet.

My coaching program takes care of all of those overwhelming tasks for you.

“If anyone is interested in a quality coaching, no nonsense, true to word coaching program this program is for you. It is extremely basic instructions with much help and knowledge to guide you. Dr. Becky you coach this program so well. You give such valuable knowledge yet make it so simple to follow. You also make people feel that they can ask any question and you answer them in such a timely manner. I for one am so happy I found this program. I want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. You really want us to succeed and it shows.” ~Debbie B

weight loss coaching

(Just $97. There is no recurring cost.)

Knowing What to Eat Is One Piece of the Puzzle

Most weight loss program tell you what to eat, but alone, that’s doesn’t solve your problem.

Knowing what to eat seems like it should be the solution to losing weight, but if that were true, the majority of people would be thin.

And for that matter, you probably know someone who eats all of the “wrong” foods and stays as skinny as a rail.

Food is certainly part of your weight loss journey, and I understand that from both a professional and personal viewpoint.

  • I teach a college course on the Science of Nutrition.
  • I’ve been an on-air health consultant for an ABC television affiliate.
  • I lost 50 pounds and kept the weight off for 17+ years. (The first half of my life was spent as a complete sugar addict, and I have the cavities to prove it.)

But, if you’re only focus is food, you’ll be a slave to the scale for the rest of your life.

The primary goal of weight loss coaching is to help you figure out how to eat and move in ways that you enjoy, so you can reach your goal and stay there comfortably.

Who is This Weight Loss Coaching Program For?

If you are ready to leave your weight problem behind and break through your barriers, for yourself and your family, but you’re unsure how to do it, then this program is what you need.

My weight loss coaching program is for you, if you…

  • have dieted and failed in the past
  • are an emotional eater or stress eater
  • have a hard time getting past cravings
  • have trouble staying motivated
  • benefit from video learning

If this is you, then please read on…

Determining if You Need Weight Loss Coaching

We all benefit from a coach, especially when it comes to breaking old habits and patterns. And this is really where my passion lies.

I love teaching weight loss because I love helping people figure out how to reach their goals.

Losing weight is such a wonderful achievement. There are a ton of reasons (i.e. you look better, you’re healthier, you gain self-confidence). But, deep down inside, one of the best things about reaching your weight loss goal is the feeling of satisfaction. “I did it!”

When you lose weight and figure out how to keep it off without having to be constantly focused, you join an elite group of individuals. It’s fun, and I want you to experience it.

I know you can do it, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been overweight your whole life, or you’ve lost and gained the weight back many times.

This is the only eating plan that has helped me lose weight, and I have tried many fad diets, convinced they would help. It is also a plan I can stick to for the rest of my life. A million thanks, Dr. Becky!! ~Julia T.

weight loss coaching

(Just $97. There is no recurring cost.)

Coaching Tackles Both Problems

There are two types of problems when it comes to weight control; there’s the physical problem, and there’s a mindset problem.

If both problems are not taken care of, you lose weight and gain it back again.

Is your mindset in need of a tune-up?

Well, let me ask you…

Have you ever had one of these self-sabotaging thoughts?

____ I have been overweight my whole life, I’ll never change.

____ I’ve already blown my diet today. I might as well give up and try again tomorrow.

____ It’s rude to not eat with my friends at a party.

____ People won’t like me if I’m thin.

____ I’m older. People naturally put on weight with age.

____ If I overeat today, I can make up for it by eating less tomorrow.

____ Other’s needs come before mine. Once they’re taken care of I can take care of me.

____ Dieting is not worth the effort. I’m just going to gain the weight back.

____ I can lose weight later.

____ I exercised. Now I can eat what I want.

Can you see why all of your past diet attempts have failed?

The simple fact is this: If you’re dieting, but ignoring these sabotaging thoughts, then the weight you lose will return…It’s only a matter of time.

People that effortlessly control their weight and feel relaxed around food have corrected both their physical and mindset problems and interrupted their yo-yo cycle.

Fortunately, my weight loss coaching program can help without having to psychoanalyze you.

“I appreciate the step by step layout and the information on how the body works with food. Also the way our body’s react to other things and the fact that she addresses emotional eating better than any other plan out there.” -Erika V.

Getting to Your Goal Weight

My story is a lot like yours.

weight loss coaching program

Through my teens and twenties, I was absolutely addicted to food, especially sugar. And, I was 50 pounds overweight because of it.

I had two switches. I was either off sugar or on sugar – big time!

I moved from that crazed, obsessive sugar addict to the calm, confident eater I am today by interrupting my habitual loop.

Today, I’m not controlled by food. I can go to a party or go out with friends and not be focused on food.

Today, it’s easy to relax in my living room on a quiet evening without a need to snack.

I can teach you how to do this.

I put together a step-by-step video-guided coaching program to help you:

  1. Understand exactly how to eat to burn fat.
  2. Interrupt your destructive patterns to clear the path to weight loss.
  3. Understand what drives your cravings and hunger, so that you can outsmart them.
  4. Recognize the subtle cues that drag you back to your same dieting mistakes.
  5. Establish doable habits and then scale them up until weight control becomes something you do naturally.

As one of my program graduates put it after sharing that she and her husband lost 12 pounds each in the first 28 days:

“This program has helped us to understand so much. We both feel better and no longer doubt that we could meet our goals.” –Marilyn Z.

If permanent weight loss is your goal, you will need a roadmap that walks you through how to create the physical and mental habits that make your progress unstoppable.

With my weight loss coaching program, you’ll learn what to eat and when to eat for maximum results, and you’ll also erase the destructive thoughts that used to pull you back to your old habits.

You’ll finally understand how people keep weight off without micromanaging their diets.

Just like these past graduates of my programs…

“I wish everybody who struggles with weight could see this because it is so life changing.” -Mary Jane F.

“I lost 50 pounds and kept it off for a year now. This has become part of my lifestyle now, and I really don’t have to think about it”. -Chris H.

“The only thing I find hard, but I’m getting more accustomed is the volume of food, it’s more than I usually eat. But it’s obviously working as I never used to sleep and I feel so much better.” -Tina D.

“I’m so happy with my progress but more importantly that I feel so much better about myself and have a goal in mind. Thanks for all you’ve done for me.” -Laurie H.

“Easy, Enjoyable, Effective is not just a motto, it’s true! One happy camper here.” – Debra D.

What You’ll Receive in The Coaching Program

A weight loss program works when it’s easy-to-follow, enjoyable, and effective.

To succeed at weight loss today, you not only need the right strategies, you also need a way to make those strategies work without completely disrupting your daily routine.

Reaching your goal requires patience and a willingness to learn, but losing weight should not take over your life. If it does, you’ll quit.

From my experiences teaching students, groups, and individuals, I’ve learned how to streamline the path to success.

Inside The Weight Loss Coaching Program

My weight loss coaching program is a video-guided course that is completed in 40-day cycles.

All of the materials are organized for you on a private website that walks you step-by-step through the process.

You Get Instant Access To The Private Website

Modules Make It Easy To Stay On Track

Weight Loss Coaching Program Modules

The program is broken into five modules that feed you the information in a logical order, so you have time to learn calmly and fully without pressure.

Interested in a Ketogenic Diet?

Going Keto Food Plan Page

The coaching program comes with a special “Going Keto” section that explains how to convert our standard 0,1,2,3 Diet into a Ketogenic diet, which is a very-low-carb, high-fat diet that accelerates fat loss. You’ll receive a series of Keto Instructional Videos as well as a full Keto Food Plan that makes meal planning easy.

Learn From Videos and Written Materials

When you come inside, you have full access to videos and written materials explaining how to follow the diet plan and how to create a rock-solid mindset using my exclusive 5-step formula.

You can even download the materials to read offline:


Crystal Clear Directions

When you’re not sure how to change something in your life, do you like when someone says, “do this…now do this…

Well, that’s exactly what you get with the weight loss coaching program. Every step is crystal clear, so you stay on track and reinforce your learning each week.

“I find this program very motivational and easy to follow. Lots to eat and I lost 4 pounds in the first week.” ~Kathy Z

weight loss coaching

(Just $97. There is no recurring cost.)

Here’s a look at each module…

Module 1: Setting Your Foundation for Success

You’ll keep it sane and simple in your first week. That’s because the easier a program is to follow, the more likely you are to grasp it and use it.

Weight Loss Coaching Program Module 1

You’ll watch short videos that walk you through your diet rules. I explain exactly how to get the right mix of healthy fats, fiber, protein, and carbs for the best fat loss results and hunger control.

You’ll also get introduced to the first of five fun and enlightening mindset-improvement exercises. The first one will Build Your Desire, so you pursue your goal with passion and enthusiasm.

I find the coaching program very helpful. The videos are fantastic. I thought I knew what to do to lose weight but just couldn’t do it. Your videos explain why it is important to include healthy fats and fiber in our meal plans. I have lost five pounds in the first week. Thank you Dr. Becky. ~Leslie M

Module 2: Removing Barriers to Success

coaching for weight loss

This is my favorite week! As always, the video instruction is waiting to guide you through the week, but there’s so much more.

Do you remember that list of self-sabotaging thoughts you read at the top of this page? Well, this week you’ll learn how to wipe those destructive beliefs off of your brain’s hard drive and install a new clean operating system. You’ll become a person who fully expects success.

Automatic Negative Thoughts, or ANTS (as Dr. Daniel Amen calls them in his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life), live inside each one of us and have the ability to eat holes through your goal. In Module 2, you’ll learn a fool-proof way to exterminate your ANTS.

You’ll also learn one of my all-time favorite behavior modifiers. If overeating is a problem for you, you’ll use this to break away immediately and easily from your desire to eat.

Module 3: Creating New Habits

Week 3 of the program you’ll get detailed videos that further your understanding of what to eat and how much to eat to maximize your weight loss results.

This week you’ll learn the secret to being unstoppable when you complete the Build Your Commitment exercise.

Commitment is a funny thing. It can be very strong at the beginning of your goal and then wane as the weeks go on. With this week’s exercise, you weed out any hesitation about reaching your goal as you learn the simple strategy to keeping your commitment strong.

Also, in the week three module, it’s time to clean up your environment. You’ll start by taking a fun quiz to find out if the food cues that surround you are helping or hurting your efforts to lose weight.

When you’re done with the quiz, you’ll take one day to set up your home for weight loss success by completing the 10 Steps to a Cleaner Kitchen Environment checklist.

Module 4: Give Yourself a Mental Checkup

By this week you’ll feel in control of your eating, but just to be certain, I’m right there with you on video recapping the rules.

To lose weight and keep it off, you must feel deserving and worthy of living life at your ideal weight. This seems like a fairly basic statement, yet you may have past experiences that left you with a negative self-image and a critical inner voice.

In this module, you’ll learn how to identify and turn around your critical inner voice using the Build Your Self-Worth exercise. This understanding sets you free to lose all the weight you want.

Module 5: Building Lasting Results

Module 5 carries you through to Day 40 and the end of your first dieting session.

Day 41 you take a day off, which is highly motivational. My video explains how it works.

In this module, you’ll complete your last mental habit exercise as you learn how to Build Your Flexibility.

Life will not slow down so you can concentrate on reaching your goal. In fact, sometimes it feels like life is conspiring against you! This section shows you how to stay on course, even when things don’t go as planned.

“The coaching modules hold many answers to any questions a newbie may have. The systematic and well-thought-through organization of the coaching program allows me to absorb information at my own rate and on my own schedule, and I can keep learning.” ~Barbara E.

“I really liked the simplicity of this program. 0 1 2 3 simple, but effective!! It at no time made the program seem inflexible, strict with weights and measures or odd foods. Just doable and workable into your own eating routine with minor changes that don’t have to happen all at once.” ~Dona G

Here’s a List of What You Get with The Weight Loss Coaching Program

There are so many resources built into the Weight Loss Coaching Program that I can’t possibly go into detail on all of them, so here’s a list of what’s included:

  • One-Time Fee. You’ll pay once and enjoy the benefits of the coaching program for years to come. There are no recurring costs when you join the 0,1,2,3+ Weight Loss Coaching Program. You’ll be able to go back through the materials as often as you want.
  • Video Diet Instructions. Don’t like to read? I’ll tell you exactly what to eat. There are more than 30 exclusive videos that walk you through each step.
  • Ready-to-Follow Meal Plans. When you want to change your weight, you need that information organized into a usable form. You need to know what to eat, which is why the meal plans are such an enormous value. The 60-20-20 Meal Plan Series was added to accelerate results in even the most weight-resistant bodies!
  • Going Keto Section. New for 2018! If you want to follow a ketogenic diet, you’ll be able to do so with ease thanks to the Keto Instructional Videos and full Keto Food Plan that makes planning your meals a snap.
  • 5-Step Weight Loss Mindset Training. This is a one-of-a-kind training series that I have been developing since 2008. It’s what will turn you from an anxious junk food junkie into a peaceful and self-assured healthy eater.
  • A.N.T.S. Extermination Plan. Those sneaky Automatic Negative Thoughts that sabotaged your diets in the past don’t stand a chance as you learn how to stomp them out.
  • End Emotional Eating Guide. Would you like to improve your relationship with food? Here’s how it’s done.
  • Mindless Eating Behavior Modifiers. These easy to implement behavior modifications put you in control of any eating situation.
  • Exercise Tips & Strategies. Go from good to great by adding exercise. Learn the quick trick to finding the best exercise for you.
  • Common Weight Loss Barriers & Their Fixes. This report shares details on how to get your body to lose weight, even if you are living in a weight loss resistant body due to Insulin Resistant, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Thyroid Problems, Perimenopause, Menopause, or PCOS
  • Maintenance Plan. The 0,1,2,3+ Diet Plan™, which is what you’ll follow to get the pounds off, works because it’s easy-to-follow, effective and enjoyable. That’s the same way you’ll keep those pounds away.

“This program is very well put together. I am very happy with all of the resources provided.” ~JoAnn S.

What Will I Be Eating

As an instructor of nutrition, I know that it is not enough to lose weight, you must also eat for health and enjoyment.

I’ve formulated the recipes and meal plans to provide you with the right mix of nutrients. The diet will keep your carbs low and put an emphasis on healthy fats and fiber. You’ll be shown how to pick foods that provide these important nutrients and taught why they are the secret to fat loss and hunger control.

You’ll be shown how to calculate the right amount of protein grams to keep you in good health and how to determine how many calories your body needs to lose weight on a consistent basis.

The Weight Loss Coaching Program has you follow my 0,1,2,3 Diet Plan and the videos help to drive home exactly what to eat to maximize fat loss and hunger control.

Is the Diet Keto?

When you join the coaching program, you get both a low-carb diet plan and a ketogenic diet plan.

I (Dr. Becky) follow a low-carb diet, but my husband, Dr. Keith, follows a ketogenic diet. Many of you are familiar with my husband through our YouTube videos that document his success with a ketogenic diet, and you’re wondering which diet is right for you.

In the “Going Keto” section of our membership site, you’ll be taught the differences between a low-carb diet and a keto diet so that you can make an informed choice. With both diets fully developed for you, you can’t go wrong!

What If I’m on a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-Free Diet

The meal plans are not vegetarian. While a vegetarian can follow the program, they will need to design their own meal plans.

If you prefer to avoid gluten, the plan will suit your needs. There are only a few recipes that contain oats and grains, so the majority of the recipes are naturally gluten-free.

Here’s The Bottom Line on the Coaching Program…

I want you to succeed. I want you to eliminate this weight issue from your life, and I want to share with you exactly how to do it without the fluff and the hype.

I know the shame and frustration of losing weight and gaining it back again. I yo-yo dieted for years before I figured out what was going on. You can figure this out as well; you just need a system to walk you through how to do it.

The 0,1,2,3+ Weight Loss Coaching Program takes you every step of the way. It saves you so much time and aggravation.

I know my program works because it has worked for me and it has worked for my clients.

“Having started with Dr. Becky’s method precisely on the 7th of August 2015 (and today is the 22nd of October 2015), we’re talking about marvelous results in just 75 days or 2.5 months or almost 11 weeks)! Just as I began, I tipped (or, more accurately, ‘strained’) the scales at a whopping 325.6 lbs (or 148 kgs or 23.30 stn). I now weigh a much more reasonable 297 lbs (or 135 kg or 21.25 stn). It may not sound like a lot, but it is a total weight loss of 28.6 lbs in a mere 75 days (which averages out at 2.67 lbs per week or 1.21 kg per week). Put another way, this represents a drop in my BMI reading from 41.4 to 37.8, a difference of 3.6 points)!” – Mahmoud M.

“Anybody reading this comment is or has been in the same place I have been- Sick and tired of being overweight– I have been labeled Obese for the last time ! In my search for a simple reasonable weight loss program I stumbled across Dr Becky– I kept looking at the program for a couple of months and decided to take the plunge and am very happy I did- Though I have only been active in the program a couple of weeks the weight has started coming off and I am feeling unbelievably better, eating well and sleeping very well– Actually better than I have slept in years ! I am on the way to losing 60 pounds and feel this is the correct program for me ! The instruction is simple, videos brief and support great ! Come lose with me !!” Andrew S.

And here’s the thing I want to emphasize to you…time doesn’t wait.

If you choose to walk away and NOT join the weight loss coaching program, then 40 days from now, you’ll wish you had started today.

Pass on this opportunity and instead of getting the formula for fat loss and exterminating those automatic negative thoughts that pull you back to your old habits, you’ll still be fighting to keep every pound off.

The point is this: you can start today knowing nothing and in 40 days have a brand new success mindset that keeps your weight off without any conscious effort whatsoever.

weight loss coaching

(Just $97. There is no recurring cost.)

Is Easy, Enjoyable, and Effective Weight Control Something You’ve Been Wanting?

Do you want to be able to go out to dinner with friends and be focused on them, not the food?

Do you want to feel relaxed in the evenings, instead of locked in a nightly battle with burdensome thoughts of binging on junk food?

If so, then take advantage of this rare chance to wipe out both your physical and mindset challenges.

Time doesn’t wait, start today and in 40 days you’ll feel unstoppable. I stand behind that statement with a full guarantee.

Here it is: the cost for access to The 0,1,2,3+ Weight Loss Coaching Program is only $97.00.

If you decide you want your money back from me anytime during the next 60 days after your purchase, just request a refund.

It’s that simple. No questions asked. No hassles. No delays. I’ll send it back to you just as quickly as you sent it to me. That seems only fair.

weight loss coaching

(Just $97. There is no recurring cost.)

I want to end this letter with a few more comments from people, just like you, who have worked with me in the past. They say it better than I ever could.

What people have said about working with Dr. Becky:

“It’s good to be able to know I can eat all types of food, and just make better choices. I have been able to continue to eat out with friends while still losing weight.” -Cheryl K.

“Dr. Gillaspy not only gives you a sound program that works, but she addresses many different self-sabotage habits and gives you the tools to avoid failure and FINALLY succeed and stay healthy! She is there for you every step of the way because she has the passion to show you that people can live happily and healthily. After all, that it is the life that we were created to live! Thank you so much Dr. G!” – Mellie

“I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Becky’s coaching program. While I am sure the program is beneficial to many people, I can testify to its effectiveness for a person who has ten, twenty, or thirty pounds to lose, and who is already active and healthy. For such a person, the difference between losing and gaining may be quite small, and using Dr. Becky’s precise and flexible approach ensures success. She emphasizes nutrition, ease, and enjoyment, and the videos communicate principles that contribute to increased energy and endurance. I only wish I had discovered this program several years ago. It can be used by the cook and the non-cook with equal success, and is an excellent value. The program includes meal plans and grocery lists and does a lot of work for you! Thanks!” Barbara E.

P.S. If you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting in the past, you’ve had trouble staying motivated, or you are an emotional eater, then this program is ideal for you.

weight loss coaching

(Just $97. There is no recurring cost.)

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